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Charity is the act of extending love and kindness to others unconditionally, which is a conscious act but the decision is made by the heart, without expecting a reward. When Charity is carried out selflessly, it is a one-way act where a person gives but asks for nothing in return.

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शक्ति बंधन गो सम्मेलन भारतीय जनता पार्टी जिला मुरादाबाद महानगर की ओर से आयोजित कार्यक्रम में इंजीनियर से संबंधित जानकारी देते हुए महासचिव नाजरीन

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Women Empowerment

The term Women-Empowerment is all about authority. It is a power that embellishes women to take the lead and have the right to fulfill their wishes. It is a term that refers to the liberation of women from social-economic restraints. 

Women in India comprise 50% of the population. The bulk of them stays economically dependent on each other without employment. Women in India are the essence of grit, determination, and effort. 

Water Problem

Life without water is impossible. Save water. Save life. With every little drop, a day less to live on Earth.

As a kid, he always used to rhyme “Water is a necessity! Water is important! Water is life!” He never wasted a single drop of water rather saved water and continued rhyming his rhyme on saving water. Years later, people in his village used water recklessly, but Sadhu did not.


Education is a key component of the development of a country. India has been focusing on improving the literacy rate in the country since independence and has made great efforts towards it. Even while India is making enormous progress in the economic and social development of the country, the education of underprivileged children remains a worry.

Volunteering your time to support these children and making donations for poor child education is necessary for the country’s growth.

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